Best events on Metooo: Wedding Summit 2018

We’re back with a new installment of our “Best events on Metooo” series. In this series, we tell you the success stories of events that were managed through our platform. We trust that this will inspire you to use Metooo in a creative way and take advantage of all its features to turn your upcoming event into a success. Today we’re talking about a series of events, the Wedding Summit 2018 by The event concept was the same for each of them. It was was put into practice in 3 event editions that took place in 3 of the most important Italian cities: Milan, Rome, and Naples.

The event organizer is the Italian branch of the largest wedding portal in the world, present in 15 countries. On a global level, the platform totals 11 million unique users. It is the most impressive in the wedding industry. It offers a complete set of tools both to wedding professionals wanting their business to succeed, and to couples looking for vendors for their wedding and for the best way to plan it.

Businesses in the wedding industry (such as wedding venues, bridal salons, musicians, or photographers) have their pages on the platform. A system of reviews  posted by previous clients builds trust when it comes to future brides and grooms searching for potential vendors.

Couples can also build their wedding website on, and use other tools such as a to do list, a table plan, a guest count and a wedding budget tool.

Wedding Summit 2018: the event concept

The Wedding Summit was a series of events reunited by the same concept: a training and networking day bringing together companies and professionals who operate in the Italian wedding industry. As its main goal, the event aimed to provide advanced training through lectures by a panel of experts in the field. Topics were focused on the wedding business in the digital age, and new trends in the industry. The goal was also to train the wedding professionals on how to best use the features of the platform in order to better promote their businesses and reach new clients.

Their venues offered plenty of room and prestige to make for a high level event: two hotels in Milan and Rome, and an exhibition center in Naples. The event format, in all three cases, was one full day, starting from 9 a.m. and ending at 6 p.m. It featured lectures, round tables, presentations, as well as coffee breaks for networking and a buffet lunch. All three events ended with a cocktail party. The event dates were September 26th (in Milan), October 2 (in Rome) and November 8th (Naples).

Marketing the event

The marketing side of the event had the event web pages on Metooo as a central element (here, here and here). And they surely did take advantage of all our features! Impactful, representative cover pictures were chosen for each city. The event schedule was showcased in detail on the event page. Tickets were sold through the platform, and guests could purchase them through safe transactions using their credit cards.

Each event page contained links to the other two events in the series, so that potential guests could easily find the event closest to their location. A map was displayed on the page to make the venue easier to find. The official promotional video of the event was embedded on the page from YouTube.  And last, but not least, our events group feature was used so they could promote, view and manage all the three events in the series, at the same time. This was the group of events they created.

The events were promoted extensively through social media, especially Facebook. has a very active presence on Facebook, on a regular basis. There was also good media coverage at a local and regional level.

The outcome

On the day of each event, they also streamlined guest check-in at the door by using Metooo Event Plan, our app that allows you to save time and staffing costs and increases guests satisfaction because it eliminates queues.

The Wedding Summit 2018 series was one of the most viewed events on our platform this year. It was one of the most successful in terms of ticket sales, too. More than 400 companies and professionals attended the 3 regional editions.

To conclude, we believe took full advantage of our platform’s resources. We hope that this story will inspire you in your next event planning project!

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