Planning a successful event with Metooo – Cafe del Mar magic in Naples

Today we inaugurate a new series of posts on our blog: we’ll tell you the stories of the best, most beautiful and interesting events that used Metooo as their platform for ticketing, promotion and planning. We hope these stories will inspire you to get the best out of your event planning efforts and this inspiration will pave your own way to success with us as your partner. Because planning a successful event is easier with Metooo as your platform.

What do Ibiza and Naples have in common? Well, for sure the first thing we can think of is the sea. And then, of course, in Naples we have plenty of sun (and sunsets!) and quite some beach clubs.

The legendary Cafe del Mar in Ibiza doesn’t need any presentation. It became a brand through decades, thanks to its view of incredible sunsets and its unique chill-out music compilations. The brand is now famous not only in Ibiza but also has several venues around the world.

We don’t have a Cafe del Mar in Naples, but we do have a place that is at least as good. And the event we’re going to talk about took place there.

Cafe del Mar Ibiza “Sunset in Naples edition”, a Travelers In The City production, took place on September 9, 2018 at Nabilah, a splendid beach club on the outskirts of Naples.

Winning points of the event

The venue

Nabilah is currently one of the coolest Neapolitan places to be. Situated at the base of a Roman promontory that hosts the ruins of a Roman emperor’s villa, what makes Nabilah unique is a concoction of the historical site proximity and the magic of the sunset above the sea. Here sunsets are never the same, every day there are endless color combinations going from all shades of blue to fiery red, orange and pink.

The DJ

Good, so we have our beautiful sunsets in an exclusive beach club. What’s next? What better way to bring the magic of Cafe del Mar than having a resident DJ from Cafe del Mar playing at our event? So, on September 9th, none other than Ken Fan was the name providing a soundtrack to the incredible sunset over the Western Mediterranean, accompanied by Danilo de Santo and Mariano Bonky.

The media partner

Moreover, an influential media partner is key to a successful event. In our case it was Visit Naples, a portal promoting all the cool places to see and things to do in Naples, Italy. Visit Naples has a very strong follower base on social media.

The ticketing strategy

A well thought-out ticketing strategy comes next. The event was structured as an aperitivo starting at 18:00 and continuing long into the night, so two types of tickets were created on Metooo. The simple entrance ticket including a drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), and the ticket for reserving a whole table. In addition to this, by purchasing the single ticket online through the event page on Metooo, guests would save 2 euros compared to the price at the door. This was a good incentive for people to book online and save the organizers some serious headache at check-in.

Sometimes it takes just a few key elements to guarantee success, and a success it was! The “Sunset in Naples edition” aperitivo was one of the 2 most viewed events on our platform in 2018, and one of the 3 events that sold the most tickets through Metooo this year.

Take a look at the beautiful photos of the event, we hope it inspired you for your next project!

*photo credits Paola Tufo

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