Planning a Christmas event: tips for holiday celebrations

With the winter holidays coming nearer, as event planners we get confronted with the same matter as every year: planning a Christmas event. We wonder what to do, where to start, and how can we make it beneficial for our business. And most of all, how to convey the true spirit of what this celebration means.

Here are some tips of how to approach various types of Christmas themed events to make sure you get the best out of this time of the year.

Planning a Christmas concert

Here we have two distinct categories: on one hand there is the large concert in the public square. This one is centered around mainstream music. It also doesn’t actually seem to have anything to do with Christmas other than the date. You can still give this type of concert a festive atmosphere by featuring some vendor booths in the premises. These can sell food and drinks specific to this time of the year (think sausages, roasted dry fruit, candy, pancakes, and loads of mulled wine). Make sure there are special effects and stage decorations recalling the occasion.

On the other hand, you can plan a Christmas concert with actual Christmas music (either carols or not). This can take place in a variety of settings, from a concert hall to a theater to a restaurant to a museum to a public institution of any sort.

The timing rule is the same as for planning a concert in general. Therefore, for a large concert in the public square you might have wanted to start working on this a few months ago. On the other hand, for a smaller concert, it is definitely not too late to start even now.

Planning a Christmas market

If you’re planning a Christmas market, you have to keep in mind that the majority of your earnings will come from selling vendor booth space, and not from admission tickets. That does’t mean you can absolutely not charge participants for admission, but if you decide to do so, make it an open donation or make sure you insert some special moments or activities during the market as sub-events (think cooking workshops, demonstrations, even mini-concerts, or why not an ice skating ring, if you have the available space?).

You can set up a Christmas market in pretty much any kind of venue, and make it of whatever size and duration, the thing to keep in mind though, is to make sure to have a mix of vendors that convey the feeling of the festivities through their products. Food and non-food products are both essential, and handcrafted items that can work as Christmas gifts are a nice touch. If you don’t provide booth decorations yourself, you could set a theme and require vendors to bring decorations within the theme.

Planning a Christmas ball

What better time for an elegant, glamorous ball than the cold, gloomy days of December? Give people the chance to dress up in their best while enjoying a classy get-together in a magical atmosphere. A Christmas ball can be organized in a multitude of venues. Just make sure there is enough space for a dance floor and the venue can offer or accommodate some fine catering options.

Since Christmas time is also a time of corporate parties, promote the ball not only to the general public but to companies as well. Apart from the individual types of tickets, create a group ticket with a discount for groups of 6 or 10 people. If you choose Metooo as your event management platform, this step becomes not only possible but also very easy, since you can create multiple types of tickets for the same event.

Don’t forget charity!

There can be an infinity of events you can reinterpret in a Christmas context and atmosphere. But remember one thing. What makes this time of the year special is the joy of being together and of giving to loved ones and to those in need. So, whether it’s a concert, a market, a ball, a party, or a carnival, you can and you should add a charitable dimension to your Christmas event. You can do this by allocating part of the profits to a humanitarian cause. And if you use Metooo to set up, promote and sell your event, you can easily create open donation tickets for your guests to contribute to the cause.

We hope you found our tips useful. Here’s to planning awesome events for this Christmas!


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