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Event planning can turn out a very stressful process. There are so many, too many things to pay attention to and nothing can be left to chance. The catering, venue, decorations, staff, are all sources of worry, but, more than anything, there’s the event budget. And an event budget template is a precious tool in any event planner’s arsenal.

Watch out for the small expenses

Not paying enough attention to your expenses can get you into serious trouble and compromise the whole event. In the chaos of the event planning process, it’s easy to neglect small expenses that add up. These considerably influence our budget: the copyright authority fees, office stationery, shipping and transport, are just some of the expenses that tend to be neglected.

Or, it can happen that you underestimate small expenses, that sum up to other small expenses and turn out into a large amount that we lose track of. Not to mention the famous UNEXPECTED expenses that every event planner is so afraid of. This is because they know that these can ruin the whole project in no-time.

Precision is key

Moral of the story? Plan and estimate your expenditure capacity to the very cent, write it down and keep it in mind every time you ask for a cost estimate. Optimism is always a good thing, we all agree on this, but when organizing an event, it’s better to be wise and have a plan B for when plan A goes bad. This is also valid for the budget, out of which a part has to be set aside so that you can easily face any unexpected cost.

To make things easier for you, we prepared a tool that will help you calculate the budget of your event with minimum effort. It’s a free event budget template in which you will only have to insert the numbers for each type of expenditure. It will help you avoid unpleasant surprises. In the template, you can add or eliminate rows as you wish, to make it suit your specific event.

Click here to download the template, and enjoy budgeting!

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