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How to edit your event date, time and venue

In this video we’re showing you how to edit your event date and time and how to add a venue to your event on Metooo. It’s easy and it only takes a few clicks! To find out how to create an event on Metooo, see this tutorial.

Here are the steps for editing your date, time and venue:

To change date and time for your event

  1. go to the event you created, in the “my events” section on your Metooo account.
  2. click the event to open the editing page
  3. go under the background image, on the left side of the page. You will find the start and end date and times of your event.
  4. click on dates and times to choose the new days and hours

To add a venue to your event

  1. go to the left side of your event edit page, below the background image, date and time
  2. you will find the title “Where” and below it, a line that says “start typing the address”
  3. as you start typing the address of your venue, it will auto-populate as the system is finding the actual address
  4. after the complete address is inserted, you can click the “show map” button and the map featuring the exact location of your venue will be displayed
  5. the time zone of your event will be automatically set to the time zone of your venue, but you can change it if you wish, from the timezone menu
  6. if your event is a virtual event, you will be able to add the URL of the website where the event will be broadcast, instead of a physical address.

And that’s it! You can now go on with customizing your beautiful event!

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