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Are you a professional event planner trying to get a new prospective client to hire you for your services? Are you a marketer or event professional trying to convince the decision factors in your company to approve an event you intend to plan? Then one of the first things you need to do is to elaborate an event proposal. The way this proposal is drafted and the elements it contains are the key to success in obtaining the client or the approval for your event. To make sure you include all the important elements that will convince decision factors of the potential of your event, we created an event proposal template that you can download for free here.

The file is in Excel format so you can easily adapt it to your specific event by adding/deleting cells/tabs.

How to use the event proposal template

The first things that need to be easily obvious to whoever analyzes your proposal are:

  • your contact information and your company information
  • the title, date, proposed venue and requested total amount for the event
  • a brief, general description of the event
  • the objectives of the event
  • a draft of the target audience or attendee profile, including: gender, age group, geographical area, occupations, tastes and preferences, media consumption habits
  • the proposed main features of the event: speakers/entertainers/artists/attractions
  • a draft of the event schedule
  • the event management team members and roles

A high quality event proposal shows that you have researched all the costs that would go into the event. Based on the specific type of event, you would have to research and estimate costs for: venue, catering, entertainment, staff, decorations, administration, marketing, and the event agency/event planner fee. Don’t forget to allocate some budget for the unexpected expenses. Along with the costs, you should also be able to estimate event revenue (ticket sales, sponsorships, exhibitors/vendors, and merchandising sales).

And last but not least, whoever needs to approve your event proposal must see that you already established the metrics based on which the event success will be evaluated. What is the estimated number of guests you want to attract? What is the estimated return on investment? To which extent do you expect the event to be covered in the media? These and others that we included in the final sheet of our event proposal template are all questions that you should be able to answer in order to show that your proposal is valid. Remember that the potential of an event is not only about the objectives you want to reach with it but also about whether you’re able to measure its results.

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