Event planning vendor list template – free download

Planning an event is a process that involves many details and the key to success is to manage to keep track of all these details in a way that facilitates your decision making process and keeps all information in one place. No matter how small or how large the event you’re planning is, you will have to deal with a series of vendors. An event planning vendor list template is a tool that will help you keep all the essential information related to the suppliers, in one place.

We created an event planning vendor list template for you to use for your upcoming events and you can download it  here for free.

How to use the event planning vendor list template

Every sheet contains information about specific aspects of your event for which you will need suppliers/vendors. You have sheets for the venue, catering, video equipment, audio equipment, entertainment, speakers, marketing, decorations, accommodation, and transport. By just copying and renaming the sheets in the template, you can add other types of vendors to match your needs for each particular event.

Our advice is to always make sure you gather as much contact information for each supplier. And don’t forget about the payment terms. What amount/percentage should be paid in advance? How much has to be paid after the event? What is the payment deadline after the invoice was issued?

The great thing about using such a template is that this way, over time, you will build a database of suppliers. You can refer to it over and over again whenever you start researching vendors for new events. It will save you time and effort if you can start from what you already have.

And last but not least, don’t forget to use the event planning vendor list template together with our event budget template, which you can also download for free!


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