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We all know marketing is fundamental when planning any kind of event. You may have the most brilliant event idea, but at the end of the day it all boils down to how to get people to buy tickets, come to your event, and have an amazing experience. Another reason why event marketing is important is the fact that you need sponsors to be motivated to financially contribute to your event, to have clear data about results, and to be satisfied with them. But making sure that all steps of the event marketing plan are taken care of is not a simple job. Details can slip unnoticed. To make sure you tick all the boxes and all marketing activities are in place at any moment, we created an event marketing checklist, that you can download for free here.

How to use the event marketing checklist

1. Set the background

Set in place all the information that constitutes the background of your marketing plan. This means the event coordinates (time, space, title, main attraction, event objectives). Establish the unique selling proposition. Create attendee profiles (in a marketing plan, those would be the “buyer personas”). Establish up to three of these profiles. Ask yourself what your ideal guests’ age, gender, location, occupation, interests and media consumption are and how it’s best to contact them. Assess competition by noting what other similar events will be happening in the same year and in the same period as yours. Different events happening in the same period are also competition, an indirect one, because they affect media attention and your potential attendees’ budgets.

2. Define pre-event actions

Set up a plan of exactly what marketing activities you will do before the event and set deadlines and team members for each of them. In our checklist, we covered various marketing activities, classified per activity type:

  • visual design
  • pricing
  • event website setup
  • offline marketing activities
  • blogging activities
  • email marketing activities
  • digital PR activities
  • social media marketing
  • marketing the event to sponsors

3. Define activities to be done during the event

Keeping track of all marketing activities to be done during the event is a complex job and, in the frenzy of the event taking place, many details can slip unnoticed. Precious information about moments happening once-only can be lost if someone is not there knowing exactly what to do every hour and minute. The types of activities we identified to be done during the event are:

  • event photos/videos
  • social media activities (posts, live streaming)
  • offline marketing activities
  • feedback and interviews
  • brand activations with sponsors

4. Event marketing doesn’t end when the event ends

There are plenty of marketing actions to be done after the event has ended. It is at this time that you will collect the fruits of your labor and evaluate its results. So these actions are not to be overlooked, as they are at least as important as the ones before. We included:

  • event photo/video collection
  • social media activities
  • offline marketing activities
  • post event feedback from attendees, celebrities and influencers
  • reporting to sponsors
  • an overall post-event evaluation

5. Keep an eye on the budget

Last but not least, our checklist includes a sheet for the marketing budget. While you tick off each and every activity on the checklist, you need to constantly register and keep an eye on the costs. Once the list of activities is done, see what solutions you can find to optimize costs. For example, instead of building a standalone event website, build it on an integrated event management platform. And if you choose Metooo as your platform, you have all the tools you need to create a complete event website. It will also include a ticketing system, an integrated email marketing solution, and fast check-in for guests using our Event Plan app. Moreover, with the Storytelling feature, you can allow your attendees to post content directly on your event website wall.

In addition to the cost sheet, we included an event revenue sheet as well, so you can easily calculate the marketing ROI.

The event marketing checklist we created includes actions suitable for most types of events, but we do understand that each event is unique so the checklist is editable and you can add/remove items to make sure it perfectly fits your event. Use it for your next project and it will for sure help you organize your marketing tasks in a productive way!

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