Best online event management courses to take in 2019

If you’re set for a long time career in event planning, there comes a time when you should be getting interested in taking your education in the field one step further. But what if work commitments or distance don’t allow you to take an in-campus course or master? We’ve made the search for you and we found the best online event management courses that you can sign up for this year, no matter where you are in the world. So read on and take your career one level up now!

Master in creative events management – Falmouth University

This course is for you if you want to go beyond theory and want to manage hands-on event projects. This progressive and dynamic master promises to help you network in different event fields in an international environment. You will be learning how to plan sustainable events, while also studying the integration of digital technology in events. The master in creative events management is part of the Falmouth Flexible intuitive online learning program. You get student benefits, and you can graduate with an award equal in title and quality as given to Falmouth University on-campus students. Fees and admission dates are available upon request at the link in the title.

International Career Institute – Wedding Planner Diploma

Wedding planning is an ever more popular branch of the events industry. So if weddings are the type of events you know you will want to organize for many years to come, or you want to add weddings to your events portfolio/offer, it’s the right time for you to start a wedding planning course.

The Wedding Planner Diploma from the International Career Institute was projected to provide all the skills and tricks required to succeed in the wedding planning industry. It walks you through all aspects of wedding planning. It spans from how to get started in the industry and set up your business, to the steps of the planning process, from the types of ceremonies and legal aspects, to the activities to be done the day of the wedding, and from catering and decorations to entertainment and transport. The course costs £798 (which an also be paid in weekly installments of as little as £25 each).

International Career Institute – Event Management Advanced Diploma

Do you wish to gain a more in-depth knowledge of the event industry and the event management process? Then the Event Management Advanced Diploma is for you. The course walks you through all aspects of event management, with a variety of modules:

  • introduction to event management
  • the preliminary steps to planning an event (client consultation, objectives, choosing a date and a theme)
  • organizational aspects (setting up an event committee, budgeting, timeline schedule, crisis and backup planning)
  • services and specializations
  • venue management
  • marketing an event
  • vendors and vendor relations
  • the day of the event
  • career paths: preparing for an event manager career, how to get hired in the industry, how to get started with your own business and how to get clients).

The course costs £998, and can be paid either upfront, either in installments (£333 each 3 months or £25 each week for 42 weeks).

Master in International Events Management – University of Salford

This 1 year Master course in International Events Management, from the University of Salford in Manchester, has been developed and is conducted in collaboration with the Robert Kennedy College in Zurich. As with the other courses in our selection, this one is mostly online, although you will have to present a dissertation in order to graduate. This course promises to help you gain a detailed understanding of the theory and practical applications needed to become a successful event manager in a globally defining industry.

The programme enables you to work on group projects and business simulations designed to improve your experience and practical events management skills. You will learn about the strategies involved in hosting international events from music festivals to corporate hospitality and from business related meetings to conferences and exhibitions.

How much does it cost though? The cost of this master is 13.000 Swiss francs (equivalent of around 11.500 euros).

The Online Event Planning Courses from Event Planning Blueprint

Event Planning Blueprint is the creation of acclaimed event planner Melanie Woodward. With over 14 years of experience in the events industry, she set up Events Planning Blueprint with the purpose of offering affordable, hands-on education to professionals and aspiring professionals in the field.

There are currently two courses available:

  • the Event Academy, with four modules: Event Fundamentals, Vendors and Venues, The Profit Plan, and The Marketing Plan
  • the Event Business Academy. This one is more focused on the business side of event planning. This means how to set up your own event planning business rather than work for someone else. It walks you through all aspects of an event planning business, from defining objectives to how to make a profit and how to market your services.

Melanie’s online event planning courses are quite affordable, each one costing $497, payable either upfront or in 8 monthly installments of $75/month).

To Conclude

At the end of the day, choosing the best online event management course for you is a very subjective matter. Our selection includes long and short courses, and courses that go more or less in depth. So the right course for you will be the one that matches your informational needs, your budget, and your time availability. the thing to keep in mind though, is that none of these courses alone will guarantee becoming a successful event manager/planner. There’s so much more that goes into this process, and we talked about it more in detail in this article.


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