A complete fundraiser gala template: free download

If you have a fundraiser gala in the works, you probably already know by now that it’s a complex event and that so many little details make up its potential for success. To make sure you got all aspects covered, we created a complete fundraiser gala template that you can download for free here.

Here’s how to use the fundraiser gala template:

  • as you search for venues, write down the potential venues you visit. Take notes regarding pros and cons of each venue, write down prices, compare, and decide on the best one.
  • speakers will be an important part of your event so we dedicated a sheet in the file to them. Write down their fees and any special requirements that they may have.
  • the third sheet is dedicated to the schedule of your fundraiser gala. Make sure you allow plenty of time for setup in the hours before the event start time.
  • we included an expense sheet so you can make sure each and every cost is budgeted.
  • your fundraiser gala can get revenue from various sources, so we created separate sheets for donations, sponsors, auctions, and ticket sales.
  • last, but not least, the final sheet is an event evaluation checklist that walks you through the objectives of your fundraiser gala and the way they were achieved.

The fundraiser gala template we created is in Excel format, which means you can customize it by adding or removing elements to match the exact features of your event. Download it, fill it in, and turn your next fundraiser gala into a success!

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